Wednesday, April 06, 2011

You're only young once

Jedna z bardziej ciekawszych postaci, ktore pojawily sie w NYC przemawia po wielu, wielu latach. To rowniez kolejny i jeden z najlepszych wywiadow, ktore pojawily sie na Double Cross. Jules Side By Side. Oba jego zespoly pozostaja klasykami a to co i jak mowil ze sceny daje mi ciary na plecach. Charyzma. Olbrzymia charyzma.

Then Youth of Today hit it -- they had just come out (or were about to come out with) Can’t Close My Eyes. I had never heard them before. Tommy drummed for them after fronting Straight Ahead. He cut his hand at some point during the SA set, and he had a bloody rag around it while playing for YOT. It was killer. It was real, the pit was ferocious, the music was hard as nails, but on top of it all, it wasn’t political whining or trying to relive the old school – this _ _ _ _ was raw and I wanted in – these guys were pissed off at the same things I was. And, like Raybeez, these guys were approachable. Pete, Lou and Arman are some of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Craig Setari and Tommy Carroll were totally open and treated you like you’d been their friend for years. So, after that, I think I went to every CB’s matinee. I’d see these guys around and we’d hang out. Not only did I like their music, but I liked them. That was the first time as a teenager that I ever felt liked I "belonged" with any identifiable group.

Zapraszam do lektury na DC. Fajnie sie czyta i cos czuje, ze kolejne wpisy z tym wywiadem beda jeszcze lepsze.

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