Monday, March 14, 2011

Gentleman Ray

"I think the straight edge way of life is very smart. You could ask 20 different people about straight edge and you get 20 different explanations. My opinion is that being straight edge is mainly not drinking, not doing drugs and taking care of you body. Now you can talk to anybody else and they'll tell you straight edge is not eating meat, not smoking cigarettes, not having sex. I think it's a good thing if it stays to the point of taking care of your body. Cause believe me, I've been drug free for a year now and hopefully I'll stay drug free. I don't do it for the scene, I do it for me. I took a lot of shit my whole life, and I just don't wanted to die. I think there's a lot of people who are straight edge because it's a trend and I think that's it hard to really appreciate being drug free when you haven't been fucked up. I've done some things in my life where I could have sworn that you are the devil, I had a conversation with the devil, and then I wake up and I see it fade away and I had conversations with the devil, and I swear it was a real person. And you realize after you come out of the height: 'What the fuck!?' and that's scary you know. And I've been trough a lot of shit I've had people murdered in front of me and that's scary, cause you can't control it, cause it's in your mind. When you've had a conversation with the devil, and you can't break it from your mind, and you sit there like it's not real! it's not real! and you can't shake it from your mind. Once you're doing drugs you can't say 'stop it'. The drug infects your mind. It's fucked up man. It's why I am drug free. You know, the only thing I'm really scarred of in this world is Evil. I'm not into religion, Warzone is not about religion, I hate religion, but the bottom line is in this world, common sense will tell you - there's Good and there is Evil. I'm scarred of Evil man. A lot of shit happens, young babies get hit by cars, you know that's Evil man! People always say it's God, but it's not it's Evil. That's why I'm drug free, because drugs is a really bad thing. Nothing good ever came from doing drugs. But then again, honestly, you gotta do what you gotta do. I don't really care what anybody else does. What I'm saying is writing from my own experiences, and maybe people read it and they learn something of it. I don't preach, I have some good friends of mine that still do a lot of drugs, but I still care about them. I don't like people telling me what to do. When I did drugs and people told me to get drug free, I did more drugs, like 'fuck you, you're not telling me what to do!'. And the only reason I stopped is because of all that shit that happened in my, and I just couldn't take it no more. And I had some girls around me who really cared about me and they looked out. But I think too many bands preach, they tell you what the fuck to do. It could be any band. Fuck that shit, they're fucking assholes, you gotta do what you wanna do in your heart, and fuck the whole world. So if you drink and do drugs, as long as you're happy - it's cool, but there's a lot of people that read the lyrics about being drug-free and knowing that I've been fucked up, my problem was that I could do drugs and have still a lot of money in my pockets. Because in NYC, outside the band I have a good career. And when you do drugs and you get high and you still have money in your pocket, that was my problem. And everyone knows me, 'ah, Raybeez Warzone, come on you want some more drugs for free,' because I'm Raybeez Warzone, you know. Everyone wants to hang out with us so you get it for free and it works! That's why I stopped, cause it's not worth it. Cause there's a lot of people in the punkrock scene in NYC who look at you and see what you're doing for the movement and if you fucking die and fuck up, then what happens to Warzone? What happens to everything you tried to do, down the drain. So for me it's really the movement, there's more people that I am responsible for than myself. The same with Madball and Agnostic Front and other bands, if Freddy fucks up it's not Freddy, it's Madball, if Roger fucks up it's not Roger it's Agnostic Front, if Jimmy Gestapo fucks up it's not Jimmy, it's Murphy's Law. There's so much that's around me that I'm responsible for, it's really intense. And when I'm on stage I go crazy, (but not insane!) and when I'm on stage and I start talking stupid shit cause I'm drunk, you know, I'm not gonna listen to anybody who's drunk. The music may sound good, but what do you sing? A lot of bands they have good music, but the lyrics, they don't mean something. That's not Warzone, don't forget the struggle..."

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